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The Future of Leadership is a 12 month membership program providing knowledge, experiences, inspiration, tools through a connected community of members all focused on being the best leader they can be!

Global Community

We are part of a global economy. Therefore we are part of a global community. The FOL Member program pulls together like-minded professionals from around the world to support, connect and educate each other.

Personal Development

Future of Leadership Member program provides a personal development journey for existing leaders to re-learn new skills and emerging leaders to hone their skills, as a result of emerging trends – economically, technically and socially.

Shared Experiences

The opportunity to learn through shared experience, enhancing the long term recall of information by delivering content in a meaningful way, strengthening recall through the use of storytelling to create strong memories.


The program offers opportunities to build personal and corporate networks to aid in personal development. This can be through more formal mentoring programs or informal in-person and virtual meet ups.


Members have access to exclusive discounts from our Future of Leadership partners and contributors that cannot be accessed anywhere else.

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Member Benefits


Our worlds are saturated in content. The ability to author and publish at speed has both enabled and hindered our ability to consume at the same rate. Where do you start? We do the hard work for our members, curating only the best, insightful, substantiated and relevant content from an incredibly diverse range of topics.


Our Masterclass Series has a practice focused approach to learning. Learning objectives are achieved through in-depth sessions accompanied by detailed instruction. Masterclasses will dive deeper into practical tools and application of leadership frameworks supported by activities and discussion.


If soaking up the learnings from Future of Leadership only once per year is not enough to fill your cup, we’ve got you covered. Included in your membership is your exclusive invite to our monthly live stream webinar series with more amazing, unmissable content.


As a member you get complimentary access to Future of Leadership LIVE events across the country; an interactive, information and entertaining and unparalleled event experience. Much of what will form great leadership now and in the future, is not from profound knowledge or exemplary skills; but the ability to interpret and influence human behaviour – the intangible. Future of Leadership LIVE brings together some of Australia’s most in-demand leaders across diverse industries, topics, and experiences to interpret the intangible.


Each month we’ll drop the Latest in Leadership direct to your inbox via our monthly newsletter. Specially curated from world renowned thought leaders, it details the latest content available on Future of Leadership, upcoming events and latest news and insights to keep your development on track and your teams engaged.


Yes, you read it right… we’ve got your evening reading and plane trips covered. Every two months we’ll send you the latest Leadership book straight to your desk! These authors are at the forefront of their fields and this is a special bonus of your Membership you’ll love to delve into each month. Come together inside the Members Private Group to discuss, unpick, challenge and connect over the latest read!


Published annually, LEAD is a deep dive into Leadership topics and trends from around the world. Featuring exclusive interviews, case studies from corporate businesses, and insights that will motivate you to take the next leap in your leadership journey.


Whether you are heading towards burnout, looking for some respite from social media, or seeking a peaceful recharge in an environment with like minded business professionals, this annual retreat will help you reset. Held in stunning locations across Australia, this retreat will provide an annual detox. Additional costs apply.


We’ve teamed up with some amazing brands and businesses to bring Future of Leadership members discounts on products and services.


Fitness creates less stress and improves work performance. Join fellow leaders in fitness challenges across a mix of disciplines that encourage you to become more active in your day.


The Mentor program provides an opportunity for members to be partnered in a Mentor/Mentee engagement, inclusive of bespoke reverse mentoring program.


In Aboriginal culture, Talking Circles are a non-hierarchical form of dialogue. Sitting in a circle and discussing a topic, the thoughts and feelings of all participants are valued equally. Our Leadership Circles embody this modality to explore, connect and resolve topics that are affecting leaders.

An Investment in You

YOU are the Future of Leadership.

This is a place where you will learn, create and connect.

This is a place for you to develop yourself as a leader, today and tomorrow.

Providing you access to a 12 month learning program of curated educational content, resources, webinars, workshops (virtually at first), book club, live events (when we are allowed to host them again) and much more, surrounded by a leadership community like no other!

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