This month we are proud to launch our first edition of LEAD. Magazine – an annual motivational and educational publication that will inspire our readers to take action all year round.

LEAD. is a glance under the bonnet of our Future of Leadership Content hub; it is a sneak peek into the minds of some of Australia and New Zealand’s most influential thought leaders and business executives.  LEAD. is full of inspiring stories, fresh perspectives, and profound insights all carefully curated to help leaders tackle the challenges they face in their day to day personal and professional life.

As the world started to unravel in March, we knew that our Future of Leadership community would be looking for guidance and support during this time, so we very quickly pulled together the Leading Through Crisis Webinar Series. It was very clear from the response to this Series that our guidance and support would need to continue beyond the initial shutdown and with our 2020 Future of Leadership Series postponed to 2021, we decided the best thing for our community would be to share knowledge and learnings from our thought leaders both online and in this new physical format.

When we started curating the content for our first edition, we were overwhelmed by uncertainty, feared what lay ahead, and the only choice we felt we had was to pivot. We could wallow in our own self-pity and allow the noise to take over, or we could dive a bit deeper into the brave bucket and choose courage instead. We could choose to make decisions despite not knowing all of the answers; we could choose to give it our best shot and, if it didn’t work, we could get up and try all over again.

So, we chose COURAGE. We chose to be warriors in the face of adversity. It felt fitting that our first edition would take a deep dive into the courageous hearts and minds of our contributors and invite our readers to think beyond their current challenges and hardships to embrace brave and choose courage in the new normal.

Now more than ever we are all looking for courageous leaders to guide the way. We are looking for courageous decisions and out of the box thinking to survive and recover in the new normal. LEAD. The Courage Edition will inspire our readers to stand strong in the midst of the storm; they will gain energy, positivity, and confidence to choose courage over fear in the coming months.

Together, we can be courageous and stay strong. Together, we can make the impossible become possible. Together, we can become better leaders today, tomorrow and beyond this unprecedented pandemic.

Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior – Carl von Clausewitz

LEAD. is available free to Future of Leadership members and for a small fee non-members can grab a copy.

All proceeds from the sale of LEAD. support the ongoing work of our partner charity Hands Across the Water.