Project Description

by Rebecca Tapp
by Rebecca Tapp

How do we go about navigating turning points and how can we use these to create positive influence?

By definition, a turning point is a time when a situation starts to change in a significant way. A defining moment ignited by a personal or collective crisis, a disruptive innovation, or even a significant planetary event like climate change. These moments not only a present great opportunity, but they also expose our deepest vulnerabilities. So how do we go about navigating these personal or professional pivot points, and how can we use these turning points to identify the sweet spot between our purpose and how we want to create positive influence?

During this Webinar you will:

  • Understand how personal, professional or planetary Turning Points ignite a deeper connection to purpose.
  • Decode a model to be able to gain clarity of purpose based ‘who’ you are, rather ‘why’ you are. This is your DNA of Purpose.
  • Understand why The North Star of Purpose exists within us, rather than outside of us, and in doing so anchor in uncertain times.
Download the DNA of Purpose Worksheet