Project Description

by Mykel Dixon
by Mykel Dixon

Most of us would like to be more creative at work, but struggle to find the time or resources for it. And despite desperate calls for more innovative thinking, the systems and processes that hold most businesses together, just don’t allow and enable anything like it.

Fortunately, there’s never been a better time to reconnect with your natural creative instincts, and those that do are finding tremendous success at work and in life.

This session is for anyone who feels like they have more to give but struggle to get it out. Packed full of powerful, practical and poetic tools, this inspiring and infectious session will help you cut through the barriers that prevent more creativity at work, while giving you the clarity and confidence to unleash your wild, untamed self-expression into every pocket of your personal and professional life.

3 key learnings

  • Why creativity is now the strongest economic currency
  • How to reconnect with your natural creative instinct and apply it in your work
  • Where to find the courage to risk, experiment and play.

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