Project Description

by Julie Cross
by Julie Cross

In this webinar Julie explores the courage it takes to lead with authenticity, vulnerability, passion and honesty. Courageous leadership is about knowing that to perform at their highest level your team needs to have the processes, product information, policies and procedures in their heads, but this all needs to be ignited with the passion from their hearts. Leadership is not just daily actions; productive leadership is also about how we show up energetically. Emotion is where motivation launches from, and courageous leaders have the ability to touch people’s hearts and inspire them to go above and beyond. Courageous leaders know that the way I serve my team will have a direct impact on the way my team serves me.

3 key learning outcomes from the Webinar

  • Discover strategies to uncover the courageous and vulnerable leader within.
  • Access some easy and instant ‘Leadership Actions’ to apply immediately.
  • ‘Feel’ the impact of the emotion that storytelling evokes and discover why it has such an impact on the effectiveness of your leadership.