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by Yamini Naidu
by Yamini Naidu

Generating laughs is an official corporate motto at Southwest and the airlines encourages the use of humour and also tests for humour as part of its recruitment process. Humour is now serious business!

Humour? You have to be kidding, you might say. ‘I’m not funny, and definitely not at work’! Anyone who can laugh has a humour muscle. You just need to learn how to flex it. Humour in business is not telling jokes it’s about using ‘Humour Power’. Humour power is using humour skilfully, purposefully and appropriately to connect, engage and inspire.

Humour power can be taught and learnt, and no matter what your message or your industry, humour can help you stand out and succeed.

In business, humour is the new frontier in influence, engagement and performance.

Yamini Naidu is a leading expert in business storytelling. She is the world’s only economist turned storyteller and consistently voted among the top business storytellers globally. Her work with clients is commercially savvy, results driven and sets them up for professional success. As a key note speaker, she wows audiences all over the world with insights, inspiration and actionable advice.

Yamini believes that every leader and business owner has been given a gift. The gift is the daily opportunity to impact and inspire team members, clients, customers, and stakeholders in their world. She is passionate about working with leaders and business owners to achieve results using the tools of business storytelling, inspiring presentations and humour which can help them maximize this gift.