Project Description

by Mykel Dixon
by Mykel Dixon

The most important creative work of your life is to create your life. To consciously design your mindset, behaviour, relationships and environment. To shape the way you show up in service of others. To make each and every moment a vivid, vibrant expression of your infinite human potential.

Discussion Questions

  • One – What is the story you have about your own creative potential, and what or who significantly influenced it?
  • Two – Describe your perfect average day?
  • Three – What are 3 things you do at work that aren’t on your job description but are clearly the highest valve contribution you make to your company or clients?
  • Four – Which of the four practices do you find most challenging, seeking, feeling, making or giving? And why?
  • Five – Have you ever been called to do something well beyond what you thought you were capable of? Did you follow the call or resist and how did either make you feel?

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