Project Description

by Dale Beaumont
by Dale Beaumont

As a leader, you’d already know that productivity matters and hopefully, you already know that productivity all starts with you – the leader. In this presentation, the founder and CEO of Business Blueprint, Dale Beaumont, will share with you “15 Habits of Highly Productive Leaders”. First, he’ll cover the six essential things you’ll need to unleash your personal productivity and then he’ll also give you nine tried and tested strategies that will help achieve bigger goals for you and your team.

More specially, by watching/listening to this interview you will discover…

  • The benefits of creating an inspiring company vision and culture
  • Why you should have a 12-month growth goal for your business
  • How to set up your 90-day action plan to get more things done
  • How to successfully run a daily huddle with your team members
  • The tech tools you can use to map out your organisational chart
  • How to find the magic metric in your business and why it matters
  • How to achieve inbox zero to save more time and be productive
  • Why you need to build process and systems for repetitive tasks