Claire Baines
Claire Baines General Manager
Claire oversees the operations of Hands Group and loves creating experiences that inspire action and bring about meaningful change. After 15 years in corporate events, she believes that building an engaged and trusted community is the foundation for success. Claire is passionate about empowering our leaders of tomorrow.
Tara Jackson
Tara JacksonHead of Sales & Marketing
Tara is the mastermind behind the sales and marketing strategy for Hands Group. With experience working in Marketing and Advertising in Australia and the UK, she is a guru when it comes to creating memorable customer experiences. Tara is passionate about building a community where leaders can thrive and become the best version of themselves.
Emma Chase
Emma ChaseMembership and Events Manager
Emma is the chief organiser of all events and experiences for Hands Group. With experience in book publishing and 11 years as the General Manager for Business Blueprint, Emma is passionate about building strong communities, creating events for the purpose of learning and curating insightful and powerful content.
Jenny Tuntevski
Jenny TuntevskiFinance Manager
Jenny is the women who keeps the cogs turning in the background for Hands Group. Not only does she take care of the numbers, she is our No.1 go to for proof reading and spell checking. Jenny always sees the good in people and as a strong family woman she believes the best way to create meaningful relationships is through shared experiences.
Nikki Umana-Tate
Nikki Umana-TateSales Coordinator
As a passionate mum, business owner and progressive leader, Nikki’s career path has certainly been full of twists and turns with innumerable lessons learnt. When she is not running her business, she is jumping on the phones to help leaders figure our their next step in their leadership journey.
Airene Bongon
Airene BongonEvent Coordinator and Administrator
Airene is our number one customer support person for Hands Group. She spent 9 years working as a customer service representative in the corporate world before moving to Hands to pursue a role that provided greater meaning. Airene is proud of the contribution she makes to building stronger communities across the globe.
Adrian Javier
Adrian JavierGraphic Designer
Adrian is the creative guy that helps bring campaigns to life at Hands Group. In addition to graphic design, he keeps multiple websites going to run all of our programs and experiences. Adrian is passionate about education and believes that all children – and future leaders – should be given an equal opportunity regardless of their background.